Defending against Weak Twos - Useful Conventions


CONSTRUCTIVE bidding can be hard enough when it starts at the one level, but clearly gets much tougher when the bidding starts at higher levels. Since it is relatively uncommon to pick up a hand suitable for a Strong Two opening, many duplicate players prefer to increase the frequency of pre-empting by employing Weak Two bids in the majors, with a good number also playing a Weak Two bid in diamonds. These bids classically show a six-card suit and around 5-10 HCP, though many pairs will open more aggressively, especially at favourable vulnerability (nonvulnerable vs vulnerable).

How should one defend against Weak Two openings?

Once an opponent has opened a Weak Two, the next player will have three positive options: bidding a suit, bidding no-trumps, or doubling.

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